The Texas Dream Center is a drug and alcohol rehab for men located in Deport, Texas. Our program is unique because of its strong faith-based foundation. We believe that there is no lasting freedom without Jesus Christ as Lord of your life. The program requires a minimum of one year, with a six-month aftercare that includes follow-up and classes. Our courses, classes, teaching, work programs, 12 step programs, licensed chemical dependency counselors, as well as Godly examples combine to give this program proven success. 

This is our mission and purpose. We are Rescuing men from the mud and the mire… we are the arms of Christ.


We are a non-profit organization. We are in this because it’s our calling. We know there’s no price that could possibly be placed on freedom. We help men discover Christ, and as they discover Christ, they discover who they were created to be. We help them find their purpose in life. We find ways to utilize and sharpen their God given gifts and talents. We encourage them to dream big. We help them complete school, learn trades, and find jobs. We have professional counseling sessions as well as family counseling. Our goal is total restoration. Restoration of the heart, the mind, the family...restoration of the man.


We believe that someday this will be your neighbor, you’re co-worker, you’re doctor, you’re contractor, you’re pastor….


Our graduates have gone on to live the lives they were meant to live. MIGHTY Men of God. Leaders of their families. Leaders in the church. Great husbands and fathers. They’re Bankers, business owners, barbers, ministers, Texas Dream Center employees, and productive and valuable members of society.​​

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Texas Dream Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  Your contributions to this ministry are tax-deductible.

Texas Dream Center is a Church of God Missions Project #102-9273

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