The Program

The Dream Center programs are structured into three phases, the Induction Phase, Training phase, and Transition Phase.

In the Induction phase, (2-3 months in duration), the participant deals with their addiction and issues that come with the addiction. The curriculum will also focus on discipleship and will prepare them for life outside the Texas Dream Center.  This phase of the program covers many of the basic issues regarding discipleship, basic Christian living, and character development.  Personal Studies for new Christians may also be utilized for issues specific to that individual. Guests in the program also begin working with a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, as well as a 12-step program and psychiatrist.  

The Training phase involves a more in-depth Bible study and practical Christian living from a Biblical view.  There is more variety as to what materials will be used during this phase.  Course work will be specifically tailored for the needs of the individual.  The goal of these classes is to provide the participant with all the necessary elements to live a godly Christian life without the abuse of drugs or alcohol.  GED and Adult Basic Education are also offered to supplement and enhance the vocational and educational opportunities of the participants. During this phase, guests are permitted to work an approved part-time job.



This phase involves transitioning the men from being a guest in the program to living a self-sufficient life, free from their addiction.  This phase allows the men to obtain permanent employment while residing in a transitional wing at the Texas Dream Center.  This phase will vary in time length. During this phase, the men are required to meet specific requirements set by the center and are also frequently drug tested. 


- The Texas Dream Center provides no medical or dental care.  Each resident is responsible for their medical and dental expenses and transportation to and from all appointments.  In case of an emergency, the Texas Dream Center will call 911 and have guest transported by ambulance to nearest medical facility.  All expenses of emergency care will be the responsibility of resident.


Example of our daily weekday schedule



6:30am-         Wake up

7:00am-         Breakfast

7:30am-         Group devotion/Bible study

8:00am-         Prayer

8:30am-         Chores/building cleaning

9:00am-         Room cleaning

9:30am-         Study/class time 1

10:35am-       Study/class time 2

11:30am-       Personal Bible reading


Noon-              Lunch

1:00pm          Work time/Study time

4:00pm          Exercise time

4:30pm          Shower time

5:30pm          Dinner

6:30pm          Evening activity (12 step program, group session, study time, Wednesday evening church)

9:30pm          Evening devotion/closing prayer

10:00pm        Lights out/ guests must be in their rooms


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